Reflections for the poem “Love Mosaic.”

Love is said to be the universal law of the heart. It is the bridge between our differences that seem to join the pieces of our lives. From broken relationships between family, friends, and associates to those we lost or are in the process of losing. Love seems to take on many forms through life’s journey, yet it is the one thing that never fails. It is loving a child through their life’s journey or committing to a spouse yearning to discover their life’s purpose, gifts, and who they are in the relationship as they journey through the many facets and seasons of their lives. It’s supporting our parents when their role changes, and we become their guardians and protector. It is losing friendships we deemed sacred in one season of our lives to grow.

Sophia Mahalia Lyttle

Taken from “Purpose Within Every Promise.”

Through seasons of life, we not only evolve but also self-actualize therefore let us embrace the process, knowing it adds to the sum of who we become. Marjorie Delores

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