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In the dawn of my frail emotions, you reached

out unconditionally,

Touching me in places, I had never known.

You called me by your name “Love,” within the

celebration of our discovery

First found in the history of our emotions,

So fragile, so precious, so free

 A force to be reckoned with,

The sweet, beautiful melody of the heart

That makes me think

I could ride upon the wind;

“Yes,” when loves magical force saturates the object of its desire

Like a celestial shower, it pours out the best it has to give,

Captured in its beauty and within its bliss,

Such enchantment—indeed dictates the wonders and

 the beauty of loving and being loved.


Marjorie Delores

Touched By Love

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Spaces where we reach out and touch by love

By those who sit where we once sat

He speaks to us and through others

His love is the salve to our soul,

It holds us together in the face of strongholds

Those that come to steal and destroys

In the face of it all, he gives us joy,

And through his love, we are content

Knowing we are touched by love.


Astoria Nickerson

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