“You are God’s purpose…with a destiny.”

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The Sheep of His Pasture

The church was my whole life. Do you know how some people are fine with going to church only during Easter or Christmas holidays? I wanted to be in church. Of course, there are times you feel like, “I don’t want to go to bible study, or I don’t want to go to church this Sunday.” However, something, either guilt, condemnation, or the desire to worship and get a word from God, would convince me otherwise. Look, here I have the devil inward, outward, and around me. I wanted to do everything to avoid his sway. I was in the choir at first. My pastor said he needed choir members, so I joined the chorus. I cannot sing to save my life. Again, I could not sing to save my life, but I decided to join anyway. I was an usher and a secretary. I was on multiple committees. I was a part of many things because I wanted to serve and felt privileged doing so. By Sophia Mahalia Lyttle

Real lasting beauty is beyond sight.

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