Agape Love

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Agape Love is what I have for you,

A Love that is thoughtless and blind

Considers not itself, unconstrained by time,

Sincere Love is true

Agape Love is what I have for you,

It exists solely for you, this Agape Love

Unrequited Love endures

My Love, my Love, it extols

Come back, come back

I do not care not what you’ve done

Agape Love is what I have for you,

Only you matter; you are the only one

This Agape Love, seasonless as the evergreen,

It cares not what time or place you are in

It extols my Agape Love for you

Agape Love for you

Time falls away, but this Love will always stay

This Agape Love I have for you.


Astoria Nickerson

As we celebrate life in segments, here is a simple reminder; life can unfold in ways that evoke wonderment and dreams, some within losses and some yet to be achieved. It’s good to reflect on the past to understand the onward journey better because those lessons reveal God’s purposes that enable an awakening leading to empowerment. Marjorie Delores    

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