In The Scheme of Things

There are teachable moments within the sublime, and this combination of flowers and lemons in the same bowl provokes my thinking; these hibiscuses among these lemons instinctively fire up my senses. The colors, in contrast, evoke beauty despite their starkly different purposes. They are complementary in appearance. Yet, separately their goals are clearly defined. Lemons are utilized in multiple ways adding quality in consumption, medicinal, aesthetically, while the Hibiscus similarly craved out its places in its use. As I looked at these opposites, in their beauty and worth in the larger scheme of things, my thoughts became shifted to us in our unique differences, with our varied set of values we bring to the table of life. However, like the bowl of lemons and flowers, vast differences; similarly, we are together by God’s design in an atmosphere of beauty with possibilities, promises, and provisions of our lives. Each one of us has something necessary for the greater good of all!

Have a special day!

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