This Love!

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This Love – an elusive enigma that captures the attention of its participatory

and its spectators alike

This Love- that reaches beyond cultural barriers,

Ethnic realities and touches the sphere of human emotions

This Love- evoking passion unlike any other

This Love –that people die for, sing about, dream about, yet in our human

desires, we all long for,

This Love –that I have searched for,

This Love- I that have longed for, but somehow, I had never found,

Until I found Him

His Love -that I didn’t search for, but instead, it found me

This Love- has comforted me

This Love- has hidden me

This Love- has protected me,

This Love- has fought valiantly for me

This Love- has provided for me,

This Love- has held me

This Love- has healed me,

this Love -has embraced me

This Love – His Love- is amazing Love.

To think of this Love makes me grasp my breath in anticipation of His next- act

of Love.

This Love – that He lavishes on me, fills me with peace!

This Love -brings hope for my today and joy for my tomorrow.

Everything that I have desired, I have found it in -this Love!

This wonderful God who continues to love me with- this Love.

This Love – loves me like no one other love could,

I am in Love with this Love.

A love- that is so unconditional that it overlooks my flaws, my insecurities, my

weaknesses and just loves me, even when I didn’t accept Jesus’ Love- His Love

still loved me.

By Simone Lyttle

Please check out The Coming of Grace now featured in the edge of humanity magazine.

Read the article in the magazine.

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