HealthCare Workers

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I entered the healthcare field as an accidental Nurses’ Assistant at twenty-four years old with two mouths to feed, one of which was mine. I had just completed training for the position because the course was the most affordable, and the internship was short, which fit my timetable. There was a walkout at this particular hospital, and the need for me to stay viable was quite intense. I was eager to learn and progress; as a result,  I risked health and limb by crossing the picket line to that end. The rest became history. I fell in love with caring for the most vulnerable, those who had temporarily or permanently lost their quality of life through no fault of their own. Most healthcare workers are underappreciated, especially those in primary care like the Nurse’s Assistant. As I watched the daily news and saw how selfless our medical personnel are, it gave me pause to think, how would I cope if I was still in the workforce? I’ve worked in medical facilities across three States for years. I have first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of the system. And doing this under normal conditions was difficult. I cannot begin to imagine how it must be for our superheroes healthcare workers. Every part of the healthcare field is vital to the effectiveness of the whole, including those that keep infections at bay by maintaining facilities are sanitized. I am grateful that some have acknowledged the sacrifice these workers make each day. They give to us in the substance of their lives within their daily risk. There are no financial rewards that can compensate for what they provide each day! Whenever we see medical personnel, including the custodians, let them know we appreciate their sacrifice.

God Bless You All!

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