Awareness or Avoidance

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Most of us have a favorite place, somewhere that we feel free to unwind, and for me, it’s my car. Although I enjoy my home, there is no place I rather truly be expressive than in the car. I can let off steam once there are no other cars close by. Today was one of those times while listening to my favorite radio station. Not only had my lungs expanded from my shout, again, being reminded that denial and selective ignorance, another form of escapism, isn’t a fix, not even temporary. How can one escape the ever-present evil lurking in the shadows? This type of escapism is avoidance of harsh realities. Each day we exit our place of security; we step out into the unknown. For example, I was unaware that several organizations are fundraising this month to stem the lucrative business of modern-day slavery! They called it human trafficking, but euphemism doesn’t negate the barbarian acts inflicted on the vulnerable or weak for profit or whatever warped ideas exposed.

I feel passionate about this because, as a teenager, I was kidnapped. I recalled taking a cab home, and the driver took me into the bushes far away to rape me. I put up a fight, and he had only one other choice: to kill me, I fought him off. I guess he felt concerned for himself after I made him look that he was in a catfight. Thank God he didn’t have a knife or a gun. Instead, he took me to a populated area where he dropped me off and sped away; and later in life, twice in the streets of New York City, I was physically accosted to be taken away. Again, like before, I put up a fight, and onlookers scared them away. I share this to remind myself and others how fragile our basic security is and can become shattered in a split second. These experiences are the first time I am sharing them on this forum; the reason being is to heighten awareness.

Listening to the radio announcers earlier petitioning the public’s support in their fundraisings took me back. If it hadn’t been for the grace of God, I would be another face on a wall or wherever the missing are listed. But what I learned today about the degree of this systemic problem blew my mind, and I pray that the radio announcers were wrong. They stated that America has the largest human trafficking in the world! These stats have to be inaccurate. If someone has the correct statistics, please share? I find this hard to believe. No way this can be true?! It is beyond belief! This subject matter is heavy, but I must acknowledge its travesty. I must add my voice by encouraging the support of the organizations that are helping. I speak from the heart and know no other way—in the essence of why I am here on this platform to engage and be informed, I cannot be but be sincere. Thank you for indulging me. God Bless you and stay safe, it all can become exhausting, but we have to be vigilant about our well-being and loved ones. Marjorie Delores

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