A New Norm?

Photo by Ekaterina Kobzareva on Pexels.com

One needs a source to resort to within this constant threat of wearing a toe tag due to COVID or other social ills. And for me, it’s my faith and belief in God. It has brought me across countries, States, cities and has been the driving force in my life. However, this constant threat of becoming infected is unsettling. I recently was reminded of that reality after a doctor’s visit when they called informing me that I had come in contact with someone with COVID. Thank God I wasn’t infected.

Nevertheless, this new norm forced us to rethink all daily activities in ways we never before. However, as we reassess and reflect while looking forward to staying engaged with life on its most basic level, we must continue with some sense of normalcy. Again, through the power of expressed emotions, poetry, and storytelling, for me is where I found solace. I pray for you that there is an outlet to find comfort and an escape.

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