Promise of Purpose


A-C-T  has triggered a new mindset towards moving into my best life yet. I endeavor each week to strive for a deeper meaning to all I give my time. Time is destiny, and it’s within that reality, and how fleeting time is, I have entered this new realm of thinking. One dictated by a spiritual awakening which keeps me grounded. Receiving a mandate through the promise of purpose burns deep within, a step at a time it all it takes, and may I be led to a path that promises become revealed and goal be the difference achieved. This is the essence of my new year’s resolution.

Acknowledge and Aspire for meaningful growth to become my best.

Chose wisely, and may those choices reflect The goodness of Christ, starting

with self.

To Treasure those and what gives substance advancing the quality of life. I acknowledge, aspire, and have chosen Christ and treasure life. May efforts to initiate effective outcomes be like confetti covering all sharing in this magical experience, and our exchanges empower us. Yes, life is good, despite its challenges.

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