A Real Man

Soul Expression welcomes Mr. Seayon Lyttle to this platform. His poetry gives a fresh perspective, and may his voice echo wherever familiarity is found through his work.

 What is a real man?

 It will take some men a lifetime to understand this concept or meaning,

 A real man is a person who stands on his own,

 He can think for himself.

 A real man can accept his wrongs and face them;

 A true man will understand and face his fears,

But it takes a real man to love his family and kids,

 To cherish his mother and the woman in his life.

 It takes a real man to walk with the Lord and to have faith,

 Even when it looks like there’s no hope, or ending to his sorrow.

It takes a real man to consider,

 His hurts, his fear, his age, and sometimes his rage,

I considered myself a man,

 But to be honest, I am still learning while gaining knowledge

 And understanding, who I truly am, as a man, but I know I’ll get there.

  A true man is someone that provides for his family,

 But it takes a real man to know when he needs help the most and asks for it,

Like a poem rhymes,

 The real man’s quality comes from the inside,

 His feelings, his thoughts, and his faults.

 As a child, I had a dad, but not a father

My dad did the best he could with what he had,

 But it takes a true man to teach a boy how to be a real man.

Seayon Lyttle

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on Pexels.com

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