A Chance To Thrive Over Neglect

Photo by Ingo Joseph on Pexels.com

The continuation and conclusion of A Chance to Thrive Over Neglect.

Although those two dynamics may be opposite in the spectrum of life and more likely seem at odds with each other, they serve as a reminder that the result can be devastating whenever these two mingle (Neglect and loss). What matters, most relationships usually suffer in the end. In relationships, the beginnings are always sweet, aesthetically pleasing, and intellectually stimulating. However, as time progresses, the spark starts to fade, and the Neglect turns to loss, which leads to an undesirable state.

I continued watering the plants that seemed dead, ensuring they had adequate sunlight with other plant food, hoping to see their beauty again. This routine went on for weeks but still no sign of life. However, I refused to throw them out, remembering the joy they once brought me. I believed they would bloom again; therefore, I kept on trying. Finally, it was one afternoon after arriving home tired, literally throwing myself on the sofa; while glancing across the room, I noticed something white between the twigs. At first, I thought something was wrong with my peripheral vision, rubbing my eyes as I leaned forward. Now glaring at the plants, the white fluff became more transparent and was the size of a golf ball. I dragged myself across the room for a closer look, and I lost it! 

Tears rolled down my cheeks, releasing the anxiety and hurt bottled up for much too long. Now, in the celebration of the profound mystery and love just unveiled through these plants, my hopes renewed. With God, all things are possible, reaffirmed by granting me the desires of my heart in bringing the plants back to life. It’s then within the dynamics of the unknown — some of which are not for us to understand quickly, that life’s beauty and purpose to realize, and the bonus received becomes the heart getting what it needs, in the framework of God’s mystery, revealed in His own time. Plenty of ideas is far too complicated for the human mind to fathom, which are insignificant at first and show their importance in due time.

Stumbling back to the sofa, somewhat dazed with feelings frozen by the harshness of time within realizing God’s love, this became my emotional release for my growth and empowerment. Like these plants, some of us often feel forgotten, given up on by those who failed to recognize the potential of lives when nurtured and given a chance to thrive; their possibilities are without limits. This experience strengthened my faith, reminding me never to lose faith in what is truly essential and possible, even in those dried areas of life. 

As I seek a deeper understanding of who I am and my purpose for being, God is my root through my faith, and His blessings are my leaves. And like so many of His flowers, I’m now in bloom, and those gifts given from mother’s womb by Him shall add to the canvas of my life. The best lessons learned in life are those from the least expected, and once the knowledge is processed and embraced, the benefits are the most significant rewards that exceed the mind’s expectations.

Thanks for visiting. I pray on reading this, there’ll be a renewed sense of the fragility of life and how easily and unintentionally a life can be overlooked. Yet, an awareness breathes renewal and acceptance, which can enlighten and become the gateway to making that needed difference. What are your thoughts?

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