Loving me, loving you.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Mr. Seayon Lyttle’s poem comes from a place where one feels the need to be heard, and I celebrate him and hope he is heard through his highlight expression, “Loving me, loving you” that’s featured here.

As I sit here and think to myself,

How I was strong for folks,

When I was weak myself,

 I loved when I didn’t love myself,

How I was there when I was lost myself.

 But I forgave you because I had to forgive myself.

This word call love,

Is it a word that most use in vain?

  Used for the wrong reason, only…

 To satisfy our own selfish ways and gain.

 Love is when two hearts beat as one.

 It is the same love a mother feels,

 When she first lay her eyes on her newborn.

It is that rush that goes through her body.

 Love is self-love.

 But in order to love someone else,

 You have to start by loving yourself.

 The love that the father above shows us,

 The mercy He gives us,

 Should make us stop using this four-letter word,

Until we know the true content,

 Until we know the true meaning,

 Because this four-letter word is more powerful than 10,000 men,

 When it comes from the heart.

To be honest,

 I am still learning what true love is,

 But I know that I have to learn to love myself,

 Before I can ever love you,

 Loving me, loving you.


Seayon Lyttle


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