Loving me, loving you

As I sit here and think to myself

How I was strong for folks when I was weak for me,

 I loved when I didn’t even know how to love myself,

How I was there for others when I for myself I was lost…

 But I forgave you to forgive myself…

This word called Love, it is a word that some use in vain;

  Used casually, only to satisfy one’s selfish gain but cause pain,

 Love is when two hearts beat as one,

 Like the Love that a mother feels for her child,

 When she first lay her eyes on her newborn.

That rush that goes through her body, that selfless Love,

 You have to start by loving yourself to love someone else,

 The Love that the father above shows us, which His mercies give,

 One that even changes our speech from expletives to one of praise

When it comes from the heart, words are more powerful than thousands of


Through God’s honest words, and it’s where I am being taught the

meaning of Love,

This leads me to love myself; before I can love anyone else,

Loving me, loving you

Seayon Lyttle


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