Friendships are usually formed through social selection and can become one of the greatest long-term experiences one could hope or ask for. Recipients of this social exchange benefitted in ways that empowered lives. The unset is unconditional acceptance, shared ideals, mutual respect, constructive criticism without being judgmental, recognizing the greater good, which will result from efforts to see you at your best. Real friendship arouses qualities we often have and potentials we are unaware of. In terms and form, real and true friends are destiny helpers. Their support and created a framework of unconditional love, which helped propels us forward in life, and when friendship stood the test of time, they gave us wings to fly.

Real ‘Friendship” not only will stand the test of time but make the difference evident in the growth and quality of our lives. At this early stage of this year, it’s a good time to access and validate our relationships and give them the recognition they deserve. Remember, time is fleeting, and we cannot see beyond the moment we are in, and the friends we have should know they are appreciated.

At this time last year, I had a dear friend with me, not knowing she would die in a few weeks. It is a loss that left a void I am unsure will ever be filled. My friend Avis was a friend that everyone should experience having at least once in their lifetime; she had a heart of gold and was one of my biggest cheerleaders; almost a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of her. I am grateful for having had her as a friend. My life is fuller because of her; she spoke goodness into my life. I am blessed to still have two other friends that also add to the quality of my being, and each brings unique attributes to bear for which I am grateful. However, Avis Bennett’s exceptional quality is unreplicated and irreplaceable. Call your friends and let them know they are loved!

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