Poetry, a Rhapsody of the Soul

I honor my creator for allowing me this time and space and bringing me into a state of peace cultivated through His grace. Having embarked upon this frontier of a deeper understanding of life breathes renewed purpose. My hopes are by chronicling my emotions in a manner that speaks from the Heart, the blessings of God will become evident in who I am.

The poems shared are experiences reflective of voices whispering in the cubicle of their circumstance and hearts given release in whatever state they are in. I hope voices heard here come to know we are more alike than different. In this endeavor, acceptance is achieved, and a meaningful change is a new landscape enlightening souls.

Poetry, it’s a rhapsody of the soul,

Inviting, captivating, stimulating, and exciting

It sometimes analyzes, qualifies, and validates,

Emotions so complex arousing passion which ignites;

Attempting to explain the intensity of such

A wishing and a longing that sometimes seems to collide

Poetry’s a composition of all those emotions,

Conveyed within the beauty, magic, and simplicity of the

language of words;

They are sometimes concealed within the mystique of love.

Therefore, my dear, let your Heart be aware of the power of words,

And kindly share the best of what who you are in your giving,

Always remembering what the power of words can bring in kind or, deed,

Because poetry is like a rhapsody of those varied emotions,

Becoming a sweet fragrant melody of the soul!


Marjorie Delores

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