New Year’s Resolution?

It’s customary for many of us to make New Year’s resolutions. However, those plans usually don’t go beyond the first three to four months of the New Year for most of us. Reasons being it’s difficult to break out of old customs for many of us. Also, as the intensity of daily life seems to come at us with such velocity at times, it’s almost impossible reshaping one’s routine to what we consider practical or more fulfilling. Moreover, it’s a task dealing with life’s unpredictability, which creates shock waves throwing us off balance much too often. And it is not necessarily within our immediate surroundings; it is the media and active involvement with social sites through our countless devices. Unintentionally, we are pulled into this sphere of external events over which we have no control. What we internalize shapes our thoughts and emotions, which eventually affect us. I intend to take control of this area of my life because it’s not healthy allowing outside forces to invade one’s emotions to the point of almost a subliminal control. I plan to declutter, starting with not being so taken by external affairs that it controls my thought process. It’s practical to stay informed. However, there should be balance in every area of life. I am aiming for that balance, how about you?

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