On this first day of 2022, we have so much to be thankful for, starting with our health, family, friends, and community. It’s a blessing having others who care and a community with resources with social programs and community outreach to catch us if we should fall. The Pandemic hasn’t broken our spirit; it has heightened our resolve and reinforced our collective will. As we moved forward with confidence, believing that we will overcome these challenges resulting from a new norm imposed on us by COVID-19 and all its variance, we are a people of strength. We will rise above to arrive where we can again exhale and inhale without concern that the next breath we take could be detrimental to our health. Until then, let’s find peace knowing that we will overcome this. Have a blessed and happy New Year, and God bless you and your loved one!

The Sun rises, and it will arise for us each day anew; let us catch its rays in the warmth of our spirit and become the light that shows the way.

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