Being Grateful!

In two more days, we will be welcoming in 2022. There is so much to be grateful for in retrospect of this past year. With its many challenges, there are several things to be thankful for. First, express gratitude for still being here above ground. Unfortunately, countless others who were here last year are no longer. There’s sadness for their loss, and for me, it hit close to home in the loss of loved ones. Throughout the year, there have been many changes, some of which make you shudder to think such evil abounds with a feverish adulation. However, there are things to be grateful for despite it all. First, I am thankful for the emotional growth that has heightened my relationship with God. It created a deeper understanding of life that makes me more accepting of things I once wasn’t. I no longer care about being right but advocating peace with acceptance, knowing I am a part of this magical experience called life, not one of its axis. No one starts their day thinking; I hope they are pleased with me for me to carry on the business of my life! Oh, no! No rational person does. In light of this reality, humbly, I embrace its multi-dimensional aspects in the sliver of my life. While praying that in 2022, I become even more reflective of God’s love, and my real purpose becomes realized through the lives of others because I didn’t only do the talk, but I walk the talk. It’s then, and only then, I can be truly grateful for embodying God’s love and be what I hope to become, purposeful within his purpose for my being!

Taken from The Winter Years of Life audiobook on sale on Amazon.

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