A Canvas of Words

Soul Expression is a concept of a fusion of how I see myself and the world. It’s a canvas decorated with life’s multifaceted forces. The center of which are words. Words are what move every part of who we are, in whole and detail. Even the mute utilizes words through sign language and braille. In my exchange within this forum, my expression varies in approach. I love the beauty and surrealism poetry brings to its audience and the rhythm that enchants in its expression. The other is storytelling, a medium of information, windows of the soul, where we can see ourselves or learn from others through life experiences. Strangely it’s like a roadmap of sorts that allows insights and rekindles hope within their conclusion. And there are quotes, which are words of wisdom in bite-size, not too much but enough to help us on our way. In all these varied forms, collectively, these thoughts are what I hope to deliver in a manner that adds to the larger exchange in this forum with impact. I truly believe within the arena of life filled with countless possibilities; there are footprints with every step we make, and I endeavor that this becomes a part of my footprints. Thank you for visiting here these many months and for your support. God bless you all, and may 2022 be all you hope for and more! Marjorie Delores

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