Lesson Learned

The beauty of nature can be alluring, which causes one to pause in awe of its recognition while observing the humor that it can bring and its lessons too. I am blessed to reside in a place where an abundance of nature is everywhere. Today, I went by one of our lakes to observe the birds. After about 15 minutes, a young man came by to feed them. This interaction between them had my full attention. At first, my thoughts were to videotape their interactions, but I decided against it. On listening to him talking to the birds, I was grateful that I hadn’t.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or pray for him. I ended up doing both, for which I felt awful later, having laughed at him. I had no idea who or what this person was going through. He cared enough to drive to the lake to feed the birds, and maybe he has serious mental issues; who’s to say?

His anger stems from him offering the birds pieces of bread from the palm of his hand, and with their pointed beaks, naturally, it would cause him pain.  His hurling expletives at the birds were like he had quarreled with some drunkards. I felt relief when he threw the bread on the ground because he stopped the cursing then.

What’s the moral of this? In worse of us, there is good. He took the time from whatever he had to do, even if it was relaxing, and went by the lake to feed the birds. I took away from that experience it’s not about what we say but rather what we do. Every life source needs another for it to survive, and whatever is going on in his life to fill it with such anger, he cares about life.

“My words are the filter of my perception and the elixir of my soul….”

This quote was taken from the poem “This Thing Call Words” by Sophia Mahalia Lyttle from her book, Purpose Within Every Promise. It’s now on sale on Amazon.

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