Find Solace!

We have made it this far during what seems to be an avalanche of crisis, none of which was of our making, but we have withstood them between nature and man’s wrath. I am sure if and when we watch the year in review, it’s going to be hard to believe so much happened and so many lives lost. However, instead of becoming overwhelmed by it all, it’s an opportunity to assess and reach deep within us, to find solace knowing we have done our best and the rest is up to God. So, in these coming days, it’s a time to count out blessings. As the year comes to a close and in the custom of making New Year’s resolutions, the one to make a priority on our list should be “As an image of love, God’s love, which we all are.” Let us reflect on our exchanges in 2022, and it can become the year we are the difference we hope to see.

Be safe!

New life will spring forth even among the rocks once the fertile ground is there. So we can become that fertile ground where life will start anew.

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