Words In Motion


“The Winter Years of Life” is a collection of compelling and thought-provoking poems by Marjorie Delores. The author has an aesthetic mind that captures the beauty in everyday life. In this fascinating and busy world, it is a unique quality to sit back and absorb the optimistic realities of life that we have taken for granted.

The Winter Years of Life is not merely a collection of poems but ideas nurtured through experience and time. Ideas that explore the harsh realities of our world and promote the most straightforward message, the message of love and life. The Essence of the Book Life is a set of adventures and experiences masterfully woven together with sprinkles of intense emotions. The Winter Years of Life captures life at a standstill dwells on the meaning behind many of its mysteries that we forego. Understanding that the beauty of life comes from within ourselves rather than its trivialities, the book is genuinely an improvisation of the heart of Marjorie Delores, shedding light on the canvas of life, love, and friendship. As we know it, at times, some lives are filled with adversity. To conquer one’s own goals requires perseverance and determination. Yet, one must understand that one is not alone in these challenging times. With the love of everyone around them, the darkest of times can become illuminated. The book also dwells on the progression of one’s life, as it hearkens back to a simpler time with a clearer mind. This book is a testament to the balanced life that changes with the individual but remains meaningful.

This book is available in paperback, Kindle, Ebook, Audiobooks on Amazon and iTunes. It would make a great Christmas gift.


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