I was m born in a developing country to a teenage mother, and at the time of my birth it lacked today’s technology and social advancement.  My mother shared with me, I was born at home and attended by a midwife. It wasn’t exactly the Stone Age, but those days had added challenges. 

Shortly after my birth, I became very ill, as a seventeen-year mother alone, gripped with fear; she had no idea what to do but panic. Finally, some older women in the village came to her aid and took me away. Desperate and frightened, she gave me to them without questioning where they took me. She learned later that they took me to a church, where I was placed on the altar as the women prayed feverishly for my survival. As I reflect on my beginning, I am here because of prayers and the goodness of strangers. An old African proverb stated, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I want to add to that by saying, “It takes the community to raise a child and help their parent/parents,” and it applied then, and it does today.

As I reflect on such a beginning with an understsnding of scriptures in the Bible, as a blueprint of life and living, which informs and exemplifies all the dynamics of the human condition—recalling my humble beginning in a place of uncertainty, makes me who I am. In that nebulous of circumstances, it initiated the will of God, which made me grounded in the things of God. Our lives in parts and full-mirrors that of each other. If we look beyond our unique circumstances, a clearer view of our life’s path becomes visible. The distinct markers that framed us as indivduals are our attitudes, outlook, and values, those are what sets us apart. However, our similar approach and desires, the core of who we are mirrors each other. Those like having our life’s basic needs met, being loved, valued, and heard are all basically the same. Therefore, if and when those core norms become ignored or neglected, instinctively, the survival nature is activated, and there is discontent. However, going back to the Word of God, where life’s answers lie and are accessible through the reading of his words and prayers. It doesn’t matter how or where our lives got started, but rather, it matters how our lives ended. Prayer works, and I am proof of it!

In this daily bombardment of uncertainties and increasing decadence of societies, we have control over our prayers as a source of spiritual fortification. John 16:24 capsulate the power of prayers. He stated: ask, and you will receive, and your joy may be full. Pray, I encourage, pray, because prayers works!

Marjorie Delores

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