When God Interrupts

This was taken from the Promise Keepers by Sophia Mahalia Lyttle.

One night, I was sleeping when I suddenly jumped out of my sleep and saw someone strangled. Startled by sight, I started praying in tongues until the vision went away. The next day, I called the person I saw being strangled. I didn’t tell them what I saw; we had a normal conversation until they told me what happened last night. They described exactly what I had seen when I woke up and started praying. God is real. Someone I knew was dating a guy, and we were having a conversation. I told her what I kept hearing about the person and their situation in my Spirit. Do you know that was exactly how the story played out in the end? It was not good.

Another incident was when someone I knew went to buy a big-ticket item. They wanted to know which brand they should purchase, so we prayed, and I told them what I heard. I heard that the brand they had selected was terrible, so they took a different route. Do you know when things played out? If they had taken any other route, it would have been disastrous? There were a few times I would feel a strong desire to pray, and once I started praying and speaking in tongues, the image of someone would come to mind, and most times, it was a family member. Sometimes, it is not an image but a feeling where the person rests on my heart. Sometimes, I didn’t even know why I was praying. I would cry so hard in prayer, and I could feel their pain so badly. I would pray until I felt a release in my Spirit, and the burden went away. I would talk to that person; they would tell me what they were going through, and it would be so awful. The moral of the story is that God can lay someone in your heart to pray for, and as you are praying, it is intense. Even though you may never even know who you’re praying for, intercede anyway. Do not stop or delay praying because we never know whose life depends on it. Nothing leaves heaven except it first leaves earth in prayer. God sets up his kingdom to operate by his word and prayer. So, if we don’t initiate heaven, we tie God’shand. God has given us dominion on earth, but we could be defeated if we don’t know what principle to initiate in our lives. When there is a problem, God looks for a man or woman to intercede.

A Page From God’s Heart

You were taken from eternity

Placed in humanity, quickened by divinity,

For purpose and destiny;

God hovered over time, waiting for his divine,

Moments of revelation, emancipation…

What separates you from his significant restoration?

He said let there be, and there you were,

A mystery, a possibility, God’s instrument of power

For this very hour, with words to impart,

To a dying world that needs a love story

From His own heart,

Let him continue this story, day by day;

For someone who needs to hear the story

That only your life can tell.

Sophia Mahalia Lyttle

What is your story?

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