Soul Expression, One Family!

Collectively beautiful

The basic elements to transforming lives through communication that validate and add meaning to our experiences become fostered through positive efforts. Individually we are positioned to be part of that larger conversation through sharing and exchanges that are relatable, honest, and thoughtful, which are all life’s markers to what is possible for us. Collectively those qualities serve a greater good from which all can benefit.

In this ever-evolving dynamics of unpredictability’s in the everyday mix of things, our intrinsic desire for self-perseverance and protecting life as we know it heightens. We need each other indirectly and directly; this is a fact. At this crossroads, our better angels summons the continuance and empowerment as a people through our shared will to prevail. At the table of our humanity during this season of widespread generosity, it behooves us to look beyond the mundane to the larger scope of who we are and hope to become.  Within that awareness, we can truly rise from the seat of probability to possibility in the glow of a better day, one made possible by sincerity and real generosity, which comes from the soul. Believe it or not, we all belong to one family, the human family. Have a blessed holiday season. Marjorie Delores

The Fragile Balance of Life

The fragile balance of life it’s sometimes filled with complexities,

That amazes, scares, entices, or even repulse

However, its enigma never seizes our grasp,

The fragile balance of life sometimes teaches us how to touch

However, to know well enough not to hold that brief warmth of that touch;

An imprint of beautiful possibilities yet fleeting emotions all

trapped within the fragile balance of life;

The fragile balance of life, it’s like an elixir of good and bad; happy or sad,

It is easily reflected in the beauty of the innocence of a smile

Or the ugliness of anger that has gone wild,

Each creating reasons and evoking wonders,

All within the fragile balance of life.


Marjorie Delores

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