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Continuation of an excerpt from Reconditioned Heart taken from TESTIMONIES OF THE MIRACULOUS AND THE SUPERNATURAL.

During the follow-up visit, the doctor ran another round of tests. Again, the results rendered him speechless. I recall the doctor standing   in his office perplexed and saying to my mother, “I don’t understand, and I cannot explain what happened, but this is unbelievable!”

 He said, “Your heart has reverted to its normal size, and it is not enlarged anymore.” Normally this isn’t how the medication works. You generally would have to take it for years before you see any results.” That was a miracle healing through prayer and an impartation in her life that restored her heart to its normal state.

I must add that when I took her to the initial doctor’s visit, the doctor expressed that “If she had waited an additional day without seeing him, she would have died.” God rewrote the narrative. He saved my mother’s life and brought her heart back to its normal state, and that was all because of the power of prayer. Today, my mother is no longer taking that medication. The doctor told her that she should stop taking the medication because her heart was no longer enlarged. By Sophia Erskine

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The real beauty of life comes from within, and it’s for us to show it through the best of who we can be. So make your life show the beauty within by being the light you want to see!! 

Marjorie Delores

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