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This testimony is about my mother and her health. During one of my daily visits with her, I noticed that something appeared markedly wrong.  She seemed extremely drained. I was concerned and relayed to her that I would immediately take her to see the doctor. When we arrived at the doctor’s office, he decided to run a few tests, and this was when he discovered that my mother had an enlarged heart.

This diagnosis meant that my mother would have to be placed on medication, which could take up to fifteen years for her heart to revert to its original state of normalcy; the interesting thing was her taking the drug wasn’t a guarantee her heart would ever return to normalcy, as explained by her doctor. This was when my faith was activated, and I thought to myself if I listened and I understand the doctor’s diagnosis that her heart was enlarged, and she needed to take the medication, but what was God’s thought on this? However, we filled the prescription as instructed by her doctor, went home, and I continued to pray for her complete healing.

One particular day, I vividly remembered being home in New York, and hearing the Lord say, “Get up and go lay your hands on your mother’s heart.” One of the gifts that God has blessed me with is the gift of healing. I remember making some declarations over my mother such as, “I decree and declare in the name of Jesus that your heart shall go back to normal now, and it shall function as a normal heart.” After the prayer, my mother still continued taking her medication, and a month later, we went back to the doctor.


Thanks, Ms. Sophia Erskine for sharing one of several testimonies of the goodness of God you’ve experienced over the years.

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