One day, while I was in my house, watching TV, I felt a strong desire to pray. I went to my room and started praying in tongues. Then, from my mother’s room, I heard the sound of metal pots banging, clanging, and dragging on the floor. I got up, and a male form was in a robe of cut-up rags with tin pans attached to his clothing. The form was all grey, walking from my mother’s room through the kitchen. It opened the door and left. What did I say? I said there was a man thing in the form of a person dressed in a grey robe with cut-up rags of cloth with tin pans tied to it. He walked from my mother’s room, through the kitchen, and out the front door. I said to my mother in the living room, “Mommy did you see that? What was that?” I asked. She responded, “It was a spirit of poverty.” The spiritual realm is real. There is a spirit behind the situations you are living through.  Some spirits will take dominion over territories or families. This situation happens when a door opens in our lives because of some violation of principle. It could cause by you, the person, or the sins of the people who have gone before you. The Lord began talking to me about someone I did not know well during another incident. The next day, I went to the person and told them what the Lord had said. They were in disbelief and began crying because I had said was what they were experiencing. They were relieved that I had a temporary solution to the problem. God is real, and His voice is authentic. The voice of the Holy Ghost is real, and when we are sensitive enough to hear His voice and listen, He whispers secrets.  

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