The Ghost of Yesterday

Like the mist of early morning dew,

The imagery of us etched in our memories will fade away,

Gone like fallen leaves, to be disintegrated by the processes of time,

Desires quenched, possibilities lost, promises broken,

Many thoughts unspoken—ushered away by the ghost of your yesterdays,

Gone are chances of experiencing love anew

A love that all that’s good flows from, emotions which validate giving

substance to the ‘whys’ and ‘how’s’ our lives carried out;

That gift of love which brings life’s sparkles, a beacon of light illuminating

darken moments,

Gone, chased away by the ghost of your yesterdays


Marjorie Delores

3 Replies to “The Ghost of Yesterday”

    1. The Ghost of Yesterday was a release for me, after coming back from that place I’m once dreamed of, a place of love. To love and be loved doesn’t always work out but its lessons made it a worthwhile experience. I am glad you like it. Thank you!


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