The Gift of You

On this journey of growth and development, changes are a natural occurrence and parts and parcel of human dynamics. The onset began at the cradle and continues throughout what some referred to as ‘the curtain call.’ The formative years are vital for success or failure, and some known indicator of its outcome lies in our social, environmental, economic, cultural, and psychological norms. However, those ‘life markers’ help guide us throughout the processes. As I pondered about my yesterdays and anticipated the coming weeks of the end of a year, hours earlier, I again was reminded of relationships’ importance. It was yesterday; I was in a celebratory mood while sharing a meal with friends, only to hear hours later, one of their siblings had died during that time.  As I went over the shifting dynamics from being happy to immense sadness, it reminded me how fragile life is and made me reassess priorities. And as the year comes to a close, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to any of us. However, in the here and now, let us call someone we know, especially those alone, because your call may make a difference in their lives. The greatest gift you can give is that of your time, which matters most. Therefore, please provide your assistance through the giving of your time.

Happy Holidays!

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