The pastor’s son from my previous church was a fantastic singer. Oh, my God! He invited me to this gospel concert where he was going to perform. The event was imprinted in my mind. I saw young people recklessly–in a good way—praising God. I remembered a young man who made me hungry to see young people worshipping God like that. I saw a passion for God in him that I wanted to experience. I saw inhibited unapologetic worship with no consciousness of who was around him. I went home with a new attitude. I wanted that. I didn’t know if I could have it based on my past experiences, but I knew I wanted it—that reckless abandonment of worship. The young people of the church drew me back to God. By Sophia Mahalia Lyttle

The essay was taken from Promise Keeper, now available on

On reading this essay by Ms. Lyttle, again, I am reminded of how our lives are intertwined. Each day’s exchange can become the medium for growth or decay in the life of others. Unwittingly, we form and give impressions that convey messages depending on how we are perceived. In this period of heightened observation, the opportunity to be mindful of words and deeds is ever-present; therefore, creating a meaningful example that will become etched in time will be a part of who we are through others; this is something to think on.

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