A Reflection of Love

In the spirit of Christmas, the theme should be about becoming a reflection of Christ in his love.  The greatest story ever told is his birth, death, and resurrection.  On December 25th, we will pause to recognize him across the world. There will be celebrations, and I am sure, revelations about the things of Christ. As we watch the remarkable shift in our lives that throws every preconceived idea we know as a norm into a tailspin, let us be mindful that change is definitely here and that change is still occurring beyond the control of men.  Therefore, in this time of celebration and the exchange of gifts, it behooves us to remember the greatest gift begins with being good to ourselves and others. At this crossroad of an awakening in the things of Christ, let the love of  Jesus Christ become fully realized within us and extend it to others.  His birth came about on the premise that we will have life abundantly through the depth of his love; please stay safe and remember we were all created in his likeness. Please have a happy and safe holiday. Marjorie Delores

Be Blessed!

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