I couldn’t wait to get to church. The church was exciting. No one had to beg me to attend service, it was like there was an invisible force and grace that called me, drawing me to bible study. Then, at a Tuesday night women’s meeting, as they were closing out the service, I remembered my pastor’s mother praying. I closed my eyes and said, “God I just want to worship you in spirit and in truth.” I repented there in my seat and worshipped under my breath. I immediately felt energy move from the bottom of my feet and up my body. My tongue felt heavy like I didn’t have control of it anymore. I started praying in my heart because I knew this was the Holy Ghost. I had never experienced this before. In my heart, I said, “You can have my heart; you can have my mind; you can have my soul.” I burst out, speaking in tongues. I fell on the floor, and I said out loud, “I have waited all my life for this,”—and everyone heard me. I didn’t care, and as far as I knew, I didn’t think anyone cared.  By Sophia Malia Lyttle

By Sophia Malia Lyttle

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This poem is taken from The Winter Years of Life by Marjorie Delores, an available audiobook on

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