Upon Reflection

On this 1st day of December 2021, as we approached the end of the year, it gave me pause to evaluate these past months.  Each of us has been adversely affected by this colossal shift. We have suffered losses, and for some like me, it’s a tangible loss like that of a loved one. While for others, it has been an inconvenience that forcibly changed our lifestyle.  This phenomenon has forever reshaped us collectively, and at this time of year, our hope plays out in a celebratory manner.

For some, it’s Hanukkah, a remembrance of the dedication of a people who secured their nation’s viability. For Christians, it is Christmas, a time of acknowledgment of our Savior’s birth which gives us hope for our tomorrow. And there is Kanwaaza that celebrates the first fruits of the harvest. Although we have different ways of celebrating being a part of a larger source than ourselves, our lives become interwoven at the inception of life and its finality. These known factors are beyond all of our control except the Creator of life.

Therefore, let us honor the one who gave us life as we celebrate these holidays, knowing that we had met Him at the gateway of life and hopefully will meet him at the exit at the appointed time. So, in honor of life and living, let’s do something special this holiday. One that takes us out of our comfort zone, yes, by talking to someone this month we thought we would have never have spoken to before. And in our giving, how about giving to someone who needs and the spirit of renewal with hope for a better year ahead, meaning will become one for the ages. I am a hopeless believer that we all are better than we have given ourselves credit for, and the change we look for starts with us. The intrinsic quality of love crosses geography, ethnicities, cultures, and race; we are love, and being loved is a byproduct of loving another!  Happy Holidays! Marjorie Delores

The feature poem below is taken from this book.


Though the vision tarries,
Still, I must wait
While patience transforms me
into the image of His grace
Through faith and works, I run this race,
While understanding holds my hands
and guides my pace
This distance seems long
and sometimes unsure,
But when preparation, obedience, and faith,
meet destiny, God opens the door
So, I’ll take each step
and enjoy each stage
For God is preparing me
For the glory of this race.

Sophia Mahalia Lyttle

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