Chapter 3

The Abrupt Ambush

The sheer fright in Lucy’s voice made Rebekah shudder with fear; she tried making sense of what was said as Lucy rambled on in their native tongue. Still, the more Lucy spoke, obviously overcome with terror, the more confused Rebekah became.

Finally, she managed to speak. “Lucy, are you sure they are asking for me? Why do they want to arrest me? There must be a terrible mistake?!”

There was a slight pause. Then Lucy responded to in their native dialect, afraid of being overheard by the officers. “Yes! It’s you!” She whispered in the receiver.

Today ends the month-long features taken from ‘The Coming of Grace,’ available on  Some contents of the book are based on factual events. “Nothing happens in a vacuum,” and all things are relative; this adage reminds me of how interwoven life’s experiences can become. The Rebekah Masters story rang true, highlighting those dynamics in its parts and whole. As a student still actively learning in life’s classrooms, my objectives are shedding light on those lives fallen through the cracks, giving them purpose within the stories told. We are all here to serve in one form or another, and may the stories I share become a part of my services. Marjorie Delores

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