Chapter Three

The Abrupt Ambush
These excerpts are the continuation of  The Coming of Grace, which ends tomorrow. The book is now available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle, and ebooks.

“Isn’t it a bit too early to be calling her house about the missing car keys?” Dimitris insisted. Rebekah ignored him; she continued dialing Lucy’s number. It was not entirely clear who might have had the keys to the car or where they might have ended up in all the commotion. So much had occurred the previous two days, first the wedding, followed by the car accident. Lucy should have been on her honeymoon, but she had to go to the hospital the morning after her marriage.

Rebekah had never called Lucy so early in the morning, but there was the issue of the misplaced car key; besides the missing car key, something felt different about that morning. It took a while for Lucy to answer the phone. But, when she did, there was a sense of urgency in her voice that sent shockwaves through Rebekah.

“Rebekah! Where are you?”

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