Chapter Two

The Accidental
Turn of Events

Lucy was more than a relative; she was a dear friend, and at times, Rebekah needed someone to vent with, so she would share all of Dimitris’s shortcomings with Lucy. Unfortunately, Lucy did the same about Ray. That error would later overshadow their relationship, ultimately fracturing any chance of friendship between both men.

The morning after Rebekah’s accident, Dimitris got up at dawn and decided to go fishing. However, he could not find the keys to their car, so he woke Rebekah as well.

Rebekah helped him search for the car keys but to no avail; the car keys were nowhere around. She decided to call Lucy about the car keys. During the previous day’s confusion, the car keys might have ended up with her. Little had Rebekah known that call would forever change her life.

Taken from The Coming Of Grace on sale on, continue to chapter three tomorrow to November 30th, 2021. But, in keeping with the reason for Christmas, the birth of the Savoir, Jesus Christ, December’s theme will reflect such in tone and contents.

However, I must pause to acknowledge you. Soul Expression, whispers are being heard, and thank you all, especially returning viewers, for welcoming me as a part of your conversation. I am humbled and gratified. Thank you!

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