Chapter 2

Taken from The Coming of Grace which is now on sale on

Now seeing her stupidity and resenting his remarks, she retorted sarcastically, “Please consider yourself lucky that you not charged with statutory rape!”

Ignoring her remarks, he continued smiling as he picked the fish up; he placed it in the nearby bucket. Changing her disposition, she embraced him, initiating a truce. They laughed and hugged. They stayed at the pier a while longer in hopes of getting another fish. She remained at his side, looking out for approaching fish. He would occasionally glance over at her with a smile every few minutes.

Rebekah was unsure if he was thinking, “Oh, God, why me? Is this woman operating with a full deck of cards?” or “Man, am I crazy or what?! If she is nuts, she would not know it, but I can see it! Oh, brother, what am I doing here? What a nut-job?”

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