The Accidental Turn of Events

Chapter two continues, taken from The Coming of Grace.

Rebekah jumped around, screaming as the fish struggled and thrashed its’ body around. She acted as if the fish would come after her in her antics; she looked like she was doing a rain dance. The whole scenario bordered between comical and downright lunacy. Dimitris was fishing at the other end of the pier and heard the commotion. He looked over at her in utter disbelief. He hurried to her side and doubled over with laughter. Rebekah saw his reaction and ceased making a spectacle of herself.

“Baby, you are like a little girl,” Dimitris remarked with a broad grin.

“I cannot believe you’re afraid of a fish that weighs no more than five pounds. You are too funny! You are behaving as if it is a whale. With you, I have a woman and a little girl all wrapped into one, and I am not sure which one is going to be the death of me?!”

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