Chapter 2

The Accidental
Turn of Events

“Wow, what a beauty!” Rebekah exclaimed, staring at the fish with delight.

Placing the catch at her feet, he gleamed with pride while she giggled like a schoolgirl and moved away from it, not wanting it to touch her feet in its effort to survive. The fish could not have weighed more than five pounds; she watched it thrash around for a while. Its struggle began to dissipate, then finally stopped. Assuming it was dead, she hurried over to it and picked it up. It now lay limp in her hand. She retrieved the wire brush from the bucket close by and began to remove its scales.

Dimitris had always been the one to scale and gut the fish, but today Rebecca wanted to do more than merely watch. To Rebekah’s surprise, when the fish felt the wire bristles, it whipped its tail back and forth with such a tremendous force. Rebekah, startled by it, tossed the fish in mid-air as if she intended it to fly. The fish landed on the ground, where it continued its fight for survival. Rebekah took off, hollering, “Dimitris!”

Continues from The Coming of Grace, now available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle, and ebooks.

Wishing all a safe and happy thanksgiving, and may it become a time for healing and reconciliation.

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