Chapter Two

The Accidental
Turn of Events

It was not that she couldn’t catch one. Instead, she would become squeamish whenever a fish would bite, and she would, in turn, release the rod allowing the fish to escape. Nevertheless, she was determined not to disappoint him. Dimitris’s response was pretty much the same amusement each time she tried. He once jokingly stated, “I thought I had met a woman when I met you, but apparently, I ended up with a woman and a child all wrapped in one. It seems I didn’t introduce myself to the child!”

Rebekah didn’t find that funny and responded, “How could you say such a thing?! I don’t find that funny!”

Whenever the two were in each other’s company, there was rarely a dull moment between them. Dimitris was convinced Rebekah would either add to his longevity or altogether shorten his life. He was not shy about making that known. It just so happened that she had caught a big fish on a fluke on this day. Dimitris was close by and quickly grabbed the rod as Rebekah was about to drop it. Bubbling with excitement, she watched while staying at what she considered a safe distance; Dimitris struggled to reel in the fish and caught it he did. Continues…..

Taken from The Coming of Grace, now on sale on

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