Chapter 2

The Accidental
Turn of Events

She and Dimitris did everything together as if fused at the hip. They went fishing at least three times a week, and she loved watching him fish. She reminisced about those times that left an indelible mark on her psychic, and now it was such another time. Upon reflection from a bird’s eye view, a moment had caused her to question her mental state; one occasion stood out the most among the rest.

On this particular day, Dimitris and Rebekah had gone fishing, as was their usual pastime. Dimitris had been showing Rebekah how to hold a fishing rod and toss a line. After several tries, she realized that fishing was not her forte. Rebekah thought it probably would have been easier for her to hook herself with the line than the bait. But she did not want to disappoint Dimitris after all his effort teaching her how to fish. So, she kept on trying. (The chapter continues tomorrow.) Taken from The Coming of Grace.

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