The Accidental Turn of Events

On the realization of accomplishing her feat, she sobbed uncontrollably, overwhelmed with emotion.

The truck driver rushed over to her, checking if she had any signs of visible injuries. Not seeing any, he redirected his concerns to the damages to his truck. People passing by stopped to check on her and notified the police. An ambulance arrived several minutes later, about the same time as the police officers did. After their report, the ambulance took her to the hospital. Rebekah at the hospital lay transfixed on her stomach, squirming in pain. Although there were no physical signs of injury, her body was aching all over, and her back hurt the most.

Rebekah mumbled, “Nurse, please help me. God, please help me. You have been with me through the worst you have been my ever-present help in times of trouble; I need you now. Jesus, do send help. I’m hurting all over.”

Rebekah hollered through her meltdown, realizing how close she had come to join her father. But it was not her time for her to go.

Continued from The Coming of Grace available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle, and ebooks.

Taken from The Winter Years of Life audiobook available on Amazon.
There is beauty always in our midst; we just have to pause long enough to see them.

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