Chapter 2

The Accidental
Turn of Events

Rebekah became engulfed in a thick plume of black smoke. She was gasping for air in the thickness of the smoke. She shook her head as she became gripped in fright; her face was now within inches of the truck’s bumper. Blood started rushing from her head to her feet and back again. Her heart pounded like a drum beating loudly in her head; she was sure that others who witnessed the accident had to have heard it too.

Suddenly, she heard a loud screeching followed by a jolting sound, and the car became detached from the truck as if an unseen force separated the two. Upon its release, the car darted away from the Box Truck towards the grassy median unto the oncoming morning traffic. In her fight and flight, the fear heightened her survival skills. Rebekah screamed while navigating the car; she slammed on the brakes, forcing it to a stop. Rebekah moved her head, assessing her situation. There were no visual signs of external bleeding, and she was still in control of her extremities. Nevertheless, she continued screaming, “Have mercy, God, please don’t let me die today?!”


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