Chapter Two

The Accidental
Turn of Events

Rebekah took off to pick up her cousins. She was beaming at the prospect of what was ahead of them; she had never had the experience of fishing with them, and she looked forward to it. Mumbling a song out of tune, occasionally, Rebekah looked ahead while checking the side and rear-view mirrors. Then, a commercial box truck that she had seen minutes earlier in the opposite lane without warning T- boned her car, sending it careening out of control. As it reeled into a tailspin, the horrible sound of screeching metal and the squealing sounds of tires deafened her screams as she fought to maintain control of the car. Rebekah had come to learn that despite her best efforts, problems always seemed to find her. She was now fighting to regain control of the car while screaming at the top of her lungs. Still, her cries were of no help, deafened by the unmistakable eerie sounds of rubber and metal screeching together.

The car spun around, and the vehicle headed directly towards the truck, becoming fused into the front bumper. Peering into the grid of its bumper, Rebekah screamed for her Savior. Once more—the one who always came to her rescue. “Jesus, have mercy, please have mercy on me! Please, do not let me die, please, don’t let me die here today?!” she hollered through the horrific sounds of crunching of metals.

Taken from The Coming of Grace and will continue until November 30th, 2021.

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