The Accidental Turn of Events

The ceremony went as planned. The air filled with the festivities of the celebratory event. Streams of light rained down from the glass ceiling, climaxing in the nuptials between Lucy and her now-husband. Those moments were surreal and seemed almost photo-shopped to perfection. It was hard not to tear up; Rebekah got swept away with emotions, dabbed her eyes with the tissue she held in her hand. They were happy tears. Rebekah hoped the beautiful reflection of the day would indicate a life of bliss for the now-married couple.

During the time of Rebekah’s estrangement from Dimitris, she resided with Lucy. However, upon Dimitris’s return, she reconciled with him moving into their rented place in town. But, unfortunately, he had already lost all they had in his gambling binge, which created a rift between them that led to separation.

The day after the wedding, at 6:30 AM, Rebekah and Dimitris got up early for a fishing trip that they had planned. They were supposed to pick up Rebekah’s other family members that were in town for the wedding. However, fate had already set a series of events in motion, altering that plan. Dimitris decided at the last minute; he wanted to be dropped off first at the pier.

“Baby, let’s go to the pier first. I want to get us a good spot there. You get Melanie and Elaine. I’ll wait there for you at the pier.”

He kissed her goodbye as she walked back to her car.

On getting to the car, he yelled out, “Honey, I love you! Please drive carefully.” What he said was something anyone would say when seeing their loved one leave. But today was different. There was something ominous about the words, “Drive carefully.” Continue… Taken from The Coming of Grace, available on Amazon.

Also, check out the audiobook The Winter Years of Life.


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