The Accidental
Turn of Events

On the day of the wedding, the sky was crystal clear. A perfect day for lovers to pledge their commitment to each other. At the onset of the ceremony, Lucy descended from the 20th floor; all heads rose as if to the heavens. She watched her descent in the glass escalator, a sheer vision of beauty. As Lucy entered the courtyard, everyone was mesmerized by her grace and elegance, her movements in sync with the wedding march in the background intensified. The rows of chairs, covered with white-satin and oversized light-blue ribbons tied across their backs, framed the pathway through which she walked.

Lucy’s upsweep hairdo, set off by a white encrusted pearl tiara attached to a white vale falling to her waist. The white bouffant Chantilly lace dress she wore made her look like a princess from a storybook. The dress’s pale pink satin oversize ribbon wrapped around her waistline formed a large bow at the lower base of her back, its ribbons falling to the length of the skirts hemming. Stunningly beautiful and simply breathtaking, she walked down the aisle accompanied by an older family friend who stood in for her deceased father.

Lucy’s family, Ray, her about-to-be husband, and their sons Tony and Levi stood anxiously under the beautiful arch covered with white carnations. The officiating minister, Reverend Bond, stood next to the groom. Everyone observed with utter admiration as Lucy approached her waiting groom. Ray and their sons looked handsome in their cobalt blue tuxedos with crisp white shirts. Family members, friends, and guests looked on eagerly as the couple publicly pledged their commitment to each other.

Continue… Taken from The Coming of Grace, on sale now on Amazon.

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