Chapter Two

The Accidental
Turn of Events

  The continuation of excerpts from THE COMING OF GRACE

Decades had now passed, and despite life’s valiant attempts to destroy her, however, she had learned to move on. She would often stumble in and out of situations; some she thought she’d be unable to rise from, and others, Rebekah found relief knowing that she made it through. But, in the grueling monotonous routine that would dampen the optimism of virtually anyone, she learned to smile despite those challenges.

Today was finally her cousin Lucy’s big day. It was the day most girls dreamed of and the day they hoped would happen. Although Rebekah’s family was not close, especially in those formative years, they would get together at weddings or funerals. Interestingly, some of them had relocated to America, and different circumstances brought them into each other’s lives in diverse ways. Rebekah had formed a strong bond with her cousin Lucy on their initial meeting in America as young adults.

 Driving into the roundabout of the upscale hotel called Serenity, the entrance glowed with the bright rays of a beautiful summer’s day. It felt like the heavens were in harmony with nature; not a single cloud was in the sky. The sun exuded its warm heat as the ground’s coolness created a balance between them that filled the air. Warmth seems to embrace the patrons upon entering the hotel’s interior; Rebekah gasped in amazement at the originality in its architectural design.

The lobby’s décor had an inviting openness emanating intimacy with an overarching theme of modernism. The main entrance led to a bridge that flowed through an archway into a large courtyard commonly used for weddings or other social events. The glass ceiling above brought the spans of the blue skies natural light flooding in its space, heightening the allure. The three entry points and exits to the courtyard tied in with the building’s architecture, highlighting its uniqueness; they flowed from one into another. One of the entrances leads to a well-stock bar with an atmosphere of a festive Island setting. Each entry point or exit led to a massive garden designed for entertainment with tables, chairs, and overhead umbrellas. Its entryway allowed easy access to a wooden bridge, which was semi-concave in shape. Beneath the bridge ran crystal clear water flowing over large rocks, strategically placed, giving an outdoors impression. Sitting on one of the rocks beneath the bridge was a turtle; its presence became a topic of discussion.

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