A Conduit of Life

One beautiful summer’s day, I was seated by the kitchen’s bay window nestled along the New Jersey shoreline. A place I called home for two years; as the breeze licked at my senses and feelings forgotten aroused, cherished moments held dear became renewed within the moment. 

Gazing at the orchid placed on the shelf by the window facing the ocean, its unique beauty captured my imagination. Its leaves spread outward into a formation depicting butterflies with wings in flight. Intrigued by the resemblance, I took a closer look and conjured up another imagery, one of the large ribbons tied into a bow. Finally, the leaves become separated by a stem, a projected rod-like pole with purple buds attached, dangling like tiny bells. For over a year, I tended the orchid, hoping to watch it bloom. 

 Staring in awe at the orchid, seated, without warning, a gust of wind came off the ocean through an open window blowing the plant off its shelf.  In a split second, the stem that had extended upwards like a pole snapped, laying on the floor, its encasement dislodged from the pot. Picking up the plant’s encasement, I keenly looked it over.  The stem’s fracture was visible, still attached to the plant. I gently replaced the encasement into its pot.

In the coming days, I continued watering the plant— hoping for its survival. To my surprise and relief, the buds grew, and one by one opened into full bloom; each hung in in their glory, adding beauty to their space, their purpose revealed.  As I looked at those beautiful purple orchids and the warmth they brought,  forced me to see beyond them. I took in their light, which was adding beauty to their space.  This awakening sharpened my outlook of looking outside of the box of life. At that moment, overcome with gratitude, my faith in God was now reset in motion. It was a reaction that would qualify moments such as these, enlightening one on God’s goodness and mercies in this fractured place of life.

The stem was broken, but it was not severed; its conduit of life, its source was still intact, a process essential for survival and for it to thrive, the dynamics of all of which are evident in life itself and had to take over. Every living thing must have a vital source for its existence, and God is that source.

I pondered over what I had observed in the ever-magical moments when experience causes me to pause, to take notice of life’s truths, which grabs at my heart. It’s within those unexpected moments the mystique of the life-cycle becomes reaffirmed. By God’s grace, we experience the many blessings we have— adding fullness of being. One beyond this walk lacks the foresight of seeing into the future.

The realization of one’s vulnerability due to limitations inherited at birth brought to bear the knowledge of how little we are indeed in control of when it comes to life. The scope of maintaining or bringing about life comes with its boundaries, of which we can only go so far. However, those teachable moments serve as building blocks, advancing us to becoming our better selves. God’s mercies covered with His grace laid the platform on which we thrive, all trademarks of unwavering love.  And just like those buds in their fragile place of development depended upon their host, the plant, and me, to be nurtured, the overseer of us all, God, in the advent of time, we will grow to depend. And His patience mingled with His love becomes the source assuring our fulfillment within the promises for our lives.

During times of attack or feeling threatened by forces beyond our control, by activating faith, by believing, changes occur, turning disadvantages to advantages, and we too bear fruits to the fulfillment and meaning of our lives. And it’s here between God and man harmony rings through, and the realization of one’s inner strength revealed, within the meaning of life!   

Therefore, when life’s lessons unfold, even if we fail to recognize them, nothing is contingent upon any given; the variables of life are ever-presence, with every second, the axis of change is in motion. We are simply like pieces on the checkerboard of life, moved by forces we have no control. Therefore, it is for us to engage and recognized each fragment or millisecond that comes with the unexpected. All of the time, not to mention the unknown, each part collectively serves to formulate a larger whole. Life’s conduit and its variables are mysteries surrounding us, some of which we will never know and can never comprehend to know. Marjorie Delores

Taken from Through The Corridors of Time.

Photo by Matthew Montrone on Pexels.com

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